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All sessions are conducted via Zoom. You can feel the shift in your body right from the comfort of your home. Click the links below for more info.

If you have worked with me in the past and know what you want, click below to make an appointment. 

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This energy healing program methodically restores the body's self healing abilities one session at a time.

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Restorative frequencies are sent to the client to reset the body's energy system to reduce stress, increase energy, focus, creativity, and healing.

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This ancient breath session gently but powerfully releases stuck emotional energy and trauma.

     Lightness, clarity, and peace are only a click away.

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  Integrating 20+ years of energy healing, Maile discovered an intuitive healing method that works quickly and effectively to reduce stress, increase energy, and treat chronic pain. 

     For a limited time all sessions are offered on a donation basis. This treatment is included for free with all paid healing sessions.

Schedule now to experience this unique technique not offered by anyone else.

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Only those plagued with persistent negative energies, in their bodies and living environments understand the relief and lightness of being when they are cleared. 

Signs of entities include fatigue, depression, unexplained anger, overall feeling not well, houses emit a foul odor that cannot be eliminated.

Book now and thank me later. 

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