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 Bio-Frequency Therapy is a non-invasive technology, using voice and picture analysis to scan and detect weakened frequencies thoroughout the body.

Restorative frequencies are sent and can conveniently be played on one's phone to reset the body's energy field to reduce stress, increase energy, and activiate the body's innate healing ability. This is the incredible future of wellness and wellbeing.

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 Knee Pain

While coming down the stairs, , my leg suddenly buckled under me, and I fell down the stairs. It happened so fast I was not sure what parts of my body were injured. It didn't take long to discover my knee took the brunt of the fall and for 3 weeks, I could barely walk. I was using a cane to help me walk.

I played the frequencies I was sent, twice a day for 30 minutes and within a week, the knee pain was much reduced and I felt almost totally back to normal. 

N.C., Las Vegas


For many years, I suffered from psoriasis. I tried everything but the dry skin patches persisted.  I was given a gem bracelet, that I was told had healing frequencies embedded in it. I wore this bracelet , round the clock, and to my surprise, the skin condition disappeared for the first time in years, after about a month, and has not returned.  

B.K., Temecula, California

 Sciatica (Back) Pain

I had just come home from walking the dog, and suddenly without warning, I felt the most intense back pain that radiated down my leg. The pain was so intense I started to shake and was unable to walk. Receiving and playing the frequencies I was  sent, greatly reduced the pain, and in a few days the pain was gone and I could walk again. I have no idea how or why the pain resolved but I felt better each time I played the frequencies.

M.P. Los Angeles, California

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