What Clients Say About Their Bio-Frequency Sessions

Sciatica Back Pain

I had just come home from walking the dog, and suddenly without warning, I felt the most intense back pain that radiated down my leg. The pain was so intense I started to shake and was unable to walk. Receiving and playing the frequencies I was  sent, greatly reduced the pain, and in a few days the pain was gone and I could walk again. I have no idea how or why the pain resolved but I felt better each time I played the frequencies.

M.P. Los Angeles, California

 Knee Pain

While coming down the stairs, , my leg suddenly buckled under me, and I fell down the stairs. It happened so fast I was not sure what parts of my body were injured. It didn't take long to discover my knee took the brunt of the fall and for 3 weeks, I could barely walk. I was using a cane to help me walk.

I played the frequencies I was sent, twice a day for 30 minutes and within a week, the knee pain was much reduced and I felt almost totally back to normal. 

N.C., Las Vegas


For many years, I suffered from psoriasis. I tried everything but the dry skin patches persisted.  I was given a gem bracelet, that I was told had healing frequencies embedded in it. I wore this bracelet , round the clock, and to my surprise, the skin condition disappeared for the first time in years, after about a month, and has not returned.  

B.K., Temecula, California

Diabetes/ Fibromyalgia Pain

I usually wake up with a severe headache and overall body pain, like I have a hangover. I feel very irritable with extremely low energy.

It usually takes me 3-4 hours to normalize and I don't always succeed. More often than not, this means my whole day is shot.

This morning I woke up not knowing healing frequencies had been run on my behalf 3-4 hours before I woke up.

When I did wake up, I felt great. I had no headache whatsoever, no body pain, and lots of energy. And, I was noticeably surprised because I haven't woken up this way for a long time.

Then I found out Maile did a session on me early that morning.

A.M. Lake Elsinore, CA