Partially Torn ACL

Maile helped me with my partially torn ACL. I had been a runner and had to stop because it was too painful. I was looking for an alternative to surgery and heard about Maile and her QE work.

Although I was a bit skeptical, I decided to try it out. As I was going through the program, the pain resolved and I was on my way to running again. Amazing! S.N.

Painful Nose Cyst

I felt a hard marble like cyst in my left nostril that was causing a lot of pressure and pain inside my nasal canal. I had completed the whole QEST program so Maile was able to work specifically on this during my session.  Within a day after my session, I felt a significant reduction in the pressure, size and pain from the cyst. A few days later, it was almost completely gone. E.C.

Hiatel Hernia

Thank you Maile for the remote session on my mom after her Hiatel hernia surgery.  Her doctor commented that he couldn't believe how fast she healed being that it had been so severe. They were amazed.  J.M.


Biopsy and pap smear clear. Yay! Thank you! S.B.

Update: This client had a subsequent positive pap smear for HPV. It is my belief that when the emotional energy is not acknowledged or brought to the person's awareness, the body "repeats" it's message via symptoms.

Gout in Foot

While I was in the hospital on top of everything else I got a bad case of gout in my left foot and could barely walk it was so sore and swollen. Because I was already thru the work Maile was able to do the gout code right away and within 30 min even my friends visiting noticed the swelling was half gone and my foot pain decreased dramatically. K.K.

Back Cyst

When I was going thru the QEST program I noticed after the 5th session that a walnut sized lump on my upper spine I was ignoring for a year and that was getting increasing sore was completely gone. The excruciating back pain I came in for also went away. G.H.

Torn Medial Meniscus


While playing in a baseball tournament, I reached down for something while sitting in the dugout, and heard  and felt a "pop" in my right knee. Right after, I could not stand on that leg. 

I was already through the QEST program, so Maile did the medial meniscus energy code and the next morning I could walk again. T.V. 


I suffered from sciatica after falling down a flight of stairs. It was very difficult to walk or sleep. Before Maile, I went to an acupuncturist who assured me of healing numerous patients with my same symptoms. After 9 treatments, the acupuncturist informed me, "Your pain is very serious, and I cannot help you." Bummer.

Although skeptical at this point, my mother referred me to Maile. I'm 100% confident Maile helped me. Her work was spot on and now I can walk and sleep without pain. Truly a miracle.

I would give her 10 stars if I could. Thank you Maile. You're amazing. R.R.

Shoulder, Knee And Ankle Pain

" I just wanted to let you know that my body has not felt this pain free in a LONG time! I think I got so used to always having pain in my shoulder, knee and ankle that is just became normal. Now since starting the QEST program, I have NO PAIN and I am getting used to that new normal. Than you!" T. D. 


While abroad for summer college classes, I came down with a painful case of shingles which I had never had before. Intense burning pain.

I asked for a remote session because there was no way to come back to the States. Because I was through the QEST program, Maile was able to do the Shingles energy code right away. Within a week, the burning, itching rash went away. H.V.