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Good news for those of you who oil pull to alleviate bleeding gums, and to remove plaque and tartar.

PerioPull was just released this month, comes in mint and only has to be "swished" for 1-3 minutes. 

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The Infinite Now

 If energy is the core element of all living things, how can we deliberately harness it to enhance our health, wealth, and joy?

In twenty plus years working with clients, Maile discovered, through trial and error, ways to strengthen the energy field when it becomes depleted from the stresses and pressures of life.

Sharing simple explanations, easy to apply techniques, and case studies from her practice, this book will help you optimize your most precious asset---YOU. 

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Diary Of An Ordinary Housewife

"What if you were just an ordinary housewife?", asked my therapist. The question felt piercing and important but at the time it offended and angered me. It would take 10 years, a career change, a divorce, a debilitating injury and an intense inner emptiness that persisted no matter what my external circumstances to answer. 

I would discover the answer to that question would reveal the treasure that is embedded in everyone as their natural and peaceful birthright. 

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Archna Mehta

Keva Astro

Many of you have heard me reference Archna ("my Vedic Astrologer friend") in my Tik Tok videos. Truth is, she has been my source for accurate, life enhancing astrological information for over 20 years.

She has a 38 year long history doing western and vedic astrology. Click below for more information about her life changing readings. 

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