Zoom Sessions 

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. You can feel the shift in your body right from the comfort of your home. Click the links below for more info.

If you have worked with me in the past and know what you want, click below to make an appointment. 

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New! Pet Sessions 

For years QEST practitioners have specialized in animal care, treating ranch animals as well as furry family members.

The benefit for animal QEST sessions, unlike humans, they do not have to go through the QEST program. Each session is whole unto itself and can address specific owner concerns.

Note: Maile is not a veterinarian but an QEST practitioner.

Sessions are 30 min.

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This energy healing program methodically restores the body's self healing abilities one session at a time.    


This ancient breath session gently but powerfully releases stuck emotional energy and trauma. Lightness, clarity, and peace are only a click away.  

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