Rebirthing is a body-centered therapy, a gentle, yet powerful breathing technique that releases stored stress, pain and emotional trauma.

Rebirthing introduces a new paradigm of thinking that in turn sets in motion a whole new way of life...with more power, joy, and peace.

Deepak Chopra, in his book, "Quantum Healing" said emotional trauma and suppressed negative emotions are often stored as phantom memories in our body cells.  He argued that these subtle memories, and emotional energies, over time, can cause disease and illness. 

Our bodies are like diamonds, that are covered with encrusted black coal (the habitual negative thoughts and emotions that run in our minds 24/7).

This is an actual calcification on your energy body, that when dissolved creates a feeling of lightness, joy, and clarity. 

Rebirthing is like a coal mining expedition.  We explore what negative programming is depleting and stagnating your energy field and then breathe out (dissolve) the layers of calcification that has accumulated over your lifetime.

The difference before and after a rebirth session speaks for itself.

Come discover for yourself how light and joyful a clean energy body feels. 

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